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an expression used when asking time off from work to cover yourself for two days, not today, because you are going to get so wasted, you'll be straddling the fence.
Worker : hey boss, can i have off twoday?

Boss: do you mean today?

did you spill some dumbass on yourself

Worker: no twoday because i'm gonna get so wasted, i'll need two days to cover me.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
a method used by a close associate of a rock band that uses this to find the most desirable groupies he can see and baits them into the backstage waiting room while the band takes care of business on stage...

sadly the groupies find out after hours of waiting that the band members have just played a horrible practical joke on them and are already partying back at the hotel.
we use the best police scanners on our tour to keep up the band's moral.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
it's like a marathon, but really weird and bizarre.
you look like you are getting ready for a marsathon in that bizarre outfit of yours.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
an expression used to describe the state someone is in mentally before they die or how intoxicated they are.
damn look at grandma, she must be straddling the fence between life and death right now.

yeah she's really old.

we got so messed up last night John was straddling the fence between consciousness and unconsciousness.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
the process of McDonald's fast food going through your system faster than you going through the drive thru and cleaning out everything in its path.
i haven't had a bowel movement in 4 days.

i need some exlax..

dude you need a McCleaning!!
by Mickey Darling August 05, 2009
a split decision with master precision.
did you just see that splincision?

yeah, he just totally saved that little girl's life.
by Mickey Darling August 05, 2009
a very clever pedophile manuever used to lure kids into a sketch pad.

usually using Atari games, Now & Later's, various hello kitty items, and lots of Lazy Town footage.
dude i'm not buying my weed over at that sketch pad anymore.

why not?

because my dealer totally Kenneth Parnell's the Smut Pedallers in the hood into his sketch pad and it creeps me out.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009

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