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is when you sneak into a couples house and paralyze the woman with pleasure while her boyfriend/husband gets up to take a piss or eat a sandwich and disappear before he returns.

space ghosting is only recommended to the elite of all sexual maneuvers and one must be very comfortable with his master craft of all kama sutra techniques.
Master Splinter] : young grasshopper, you have fully mastered all the kama sutra movements are now prepared for the space ghosting challenge, go now and return quickly in the moaning.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
is an expression used for when you get so fucked up on

kryptonite that you almost push your soul into the spirit

that dank we smoked at dangus' sketch pad got me so

fucktarded that i was straddling the fence to the spirit world.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
a sexual maneuver in which one accidently corn holes his bro in the dark while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off on your girlfriend.
Bro, what are you doing, that's my ass, not hers, and now that you know, why are you still Rocky Roading me??!!!
by Mickey Darling August 02, 2009
Toot paste is an accident one encounters while trying to eat your fart out during a heavy toot fetish marathon preferably with someone else's wife.
Dude, her toot paste got in my eyes when i was mouth clamping her brown spider.
by Mickey Darling August 02, 2009
when you walk up to a complete stranger and act like you've known them for years and say something completely random, leaving them in the most stupified state possible.
Red Wormer : Dad, i'm gonna need 100 bucks tonight for the big football game...

Innocent Bystander : i didn't know you had a son Chuck??

Red Wormee : i've never seen that guy before in my life, those damn red worming kids must be high as a kite and
straddling the fence to the spirit world.
by Mickey Darling August 04, 2009
permanent brain damage that occurs from too much drug abuse and leaves you so fucked up that you appear to be in a perpetual state of stitching quilts.
what's wrong with Bryan?

homie fried his brains so much on that shit that he just sits on the porch stitching quilts with his grandma while she be

straddling the fence.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
aka cherry V
is a very cheap stripper scent that gets you busted by your wife/girlfriend because no matter how many times you wash yourself or your clothes, the scent is still there.
duuude, what the hell is that smell?

is that cherry vanilla from the stripper club?

oh shit, you are so busted by michelle, haha, now maybe i'll have a shot with her.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009

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