35 definitions by Mickey Darling

an underage cock tease from the neighborhood that rides around on her bicycle in seductive clothing and when you and the homies try to holla at her she pedals away really fast.
did you see how fast that Smut Pedaller got away when we were spittin game at her?

she's def knows what she's doing on that bike!
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
an expression used by geeks and nerds when inquiring on each others telepathetic powers.
Micah : do you mind?

Prox : yes, i have the most amazing telepathetic powers evar!
by Mickey Darling August 05, 2009
the process of McDonald's fast food going through your system faster than you going through the drive thru.
what's wrong with you broham?

you look like you are breaking out in cold sweats?

yeah, i feel a McClean coming on...
by Mickey Darling August 05, 2009
a convicted sex offender on a constant pursuit for a Smut Pedaller in the neighborhood.
did you see that little Smut Pedaller pedal by the house?

yeah, i also saw that Smut Pedoler mad droolin over her pig tails and braces.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
a syndrome known for its vast fake results in predicting the

future or failure in assisting law enforcement in finding a

stunt purse at sketch pad

usually ran in infomercials at 3am and prone to make

believers of weak minds in upper class flap traps

doing the Prozac Shuffle .
dude, my telepathetic powers need a boost, put some toothpaste on my cig so i can get a clearer view of the future.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
an expression used to define a dumb or retarded action.
that boy is so stupid he must have stepped in a puddle of dumbass before he came to work.
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009
a devious sexual act with an underage girl where you go through various positions of the kama sutra at the command of your computer and try not to cum too fast by looking at her hypnotic braces.
Boxhead 1 : dude, i totally did the Professor Falken with that hottie in high school last nite.

Boxhead 2 : totally???

Boxhead 1 : totally!!!
by Mickey Darling August 03, 2009

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