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State of male flacidity or temporary impotence due to the mass consumption of alcohol.
I had her in bed and we were about to get our freak on, but I had brewers droop and had to fashion a strapon with a cucumber and duct tape.
by Mattyboyee May 28, 2003
Hot ass chick that wears glasses. Usually defined as a woman that bears a hint of innocence to her look, but is without a doubt hotter than "MAGMA"
Jules, the love of my life is a naughty librarian.
by Mattyboyee June 02, 2003
Slang term to describe a woman's innocence that is only skin deep. See naughty librarian. Naughty can be used to decribed a chick that is hot as fuck. Credit goes to C. Geer for this definition since he thinks I always steal his ideas.
Dayamn!! Did you see the tits & ass on that chick? NAUGHTY!!!! Julie looks like a naughty librarian when she wears her glasses; thus, she is fine as bizalls brizuther.
by Mattyboyee June 02, 2003
The cotton drain plug used to block the red tides from washing up onto the cunnilingual shores of the clitoral and labial beaches. The little white bullet that goes into the barrel of the baby cannon. The licker's quicker picker upper. Stops the aquisition of redwings; a term coined for the plasma mustache begotten from chowing the putang of a girl on the rag. Riding the cotton pony.
Did you see that chick's g-string? Yeah that's not the only string I saw. She must be wearing a cunt bullet. Rip tide fellas!!
by Mattyboyee February 13, 2006
Areola or tissue around the nipple of gargantuan proportions, see silver dollars. Not to be confused with flap-jack tits which is a natural phenomenon of pendulous and flabby tits looking like 5 pounds of shit in a ten pound bag see hangers..
That bitch was fine, but her pancake nipples are fucking nasty! Her pancake nipples resembled parabolic satellite dishes.
by Mattyboyee May 28, 2003
A girl with a gifted set of mammarical specimens. A chick with titanic tits, Giant Jugs, Mammoth Milkies, Bodacious Breastasies, Humongous Hooters, Colossal Colostrum Shooters, Gargantuan gazongas, Massive Melons, Fantastic Funbags, etc.
Check out Rackenstein... yeah should could put an eye out with those...
by Mattyboyee August 09, 2005
A creature with very large breasts. Funbags galore, not to be mistaken with the reptilian bretheren Godzilla. Tig ole bitties, a rare rack that is ever so boner inspiring. Takes you back to the olden days of breast feeding. A term used amongst breast men. Careful use of the word in the presence of a Jugzilla since it may make them quite cantankerous when seen in the wild or in captivity.
Holy Jugzilla Batman, that woman has the most enormous set of lactose launchers I've ever seen!!!
by Mattyboyee August 09, 2005

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