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someone who listens to nardcore.
hey check out Lennard Skinard.
by martin December 17, 2003
Nardcore chid; one who listens to nardcore.
Hey are you lennard skinnard
by martin December 11, 2003
A more polite version of the common word for flange and curtains. Can be expanded on in the usual ways.
She had a chunt like a clowns trouser pocket etc
by Martin December 10, 2002
Punishment or beating
Nick, you broke my iPod, now I'm gonna give you a schwepping!
by Martin June 29, 2003
Oldie But Goodie, a term used to describe an ageing slapper who's still worth a donkey punch.
Matt: "Look at her, dirty old slag".
Mart: "Yeah, I'd still giver her one though, she's an OBG".
by Martin July 19, 2004
Fishy is a fake credit card number found by a hacker.
He paid for the car with a fishy
by Martin July 18, 2004
A guy that likes to harass little freshmen girls and get absolutly nothing from them and he thinks he has so much game.Blue balls!!
R. Kelly is such a berrios
by martin April 02, 2003

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