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Absolutley anything.
Dude, that chick is SCHWEPP!
Did you really do that? Cause if you did, I'm gonna give you a schwepping!
"Dude, I got a date with Catie!" "SCHWEPP!"
by Martin June 29, 2003
The Howl. a show of extreme happiness, a greeting, an expression done after a shot, something that is done numerous times when drunk.
You are to report to the Hall Director's office because of your violation of regularly posted quiet hours, more specifically you were found "Howling in the bathroom" after being told repeatedly to be quiet.

SEE: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooowwwwwwww SEE:
by Martin October 30, 2002
WAN originates in Baltimore, Maryland. I called people wack ass nigger often and people didnt think too highly of it so I just made and short and unnoticable by saying WAN...sort of stealthy and ninja like it can be snuck up on people as you walk by them on the street or it can be loud as if to alert your friend someone wack is near by.
Dude that guy is the biggest wan i ever seenn just look at how tight his shoes are laced
by Martin September 26, 2004
Compromising to such a degree that the other party get everything on their agenda.
Their negotiator alked so much that I thought I'd won the lotto.
by Martin October 08, 2003
A sexual action. It involves three men giving a woman a dirty snachez, a spiderman, and abe lincoln. JSA forever!!!!!!!!
Dude I franked your mom last night with Hot Sauce and Damien.
by Martin August 28, 2004
a term of abuse used by inadequate racist scum in a sick attempt to try and stop themselves from trying to deal with their own inadequacies
'i'd rather fuck my own mum than a coon'
by martin March 01, 2003
someone who listens to nardcore.
hey check out Lennard Skinard.
by martin December 17, 2003

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