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107 definitions by Martin

Online nerd who idles in #invite-wow on gamesurge hes the biggest nerd ever or zeeg stands for Faggot
Your such a Zeeg or Ur Zeegish
by Martin November 29, 2004
an albino man who is eating a banana
my dad is a dancing monkey
by Martin April 19, 2003
the clevace is the gap that runs from the small of your back around to your nuts/twat
i kicked him in the clevace
by Martin February 16, 2005
What all the fella's at christchurch are gonna be on friday 11th
Gangster's are gonna be controlling the school
by Martin February 08, 2005
A yobbo is someone with a bush australian back groud and bad tast. Or from a poorer white australian background.
a yobbo is steve erwin(the shorts give it away!)or slim dusty.
by martin October 15, 2004
To Run, or Move Swiftly. Term used by 'Narh Danz' (Also in UB.com) or a rude boy.
"After we nicked the money, we Tanked it from the cops"

"I Tanked it like a bitch when he saw me"
by Martin February 27, 2004
Lanky fucker wae fucked up hair but brags about his small man hood
ewan the man with the small cock
by martin January 14, 2005