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Spanky is a man who posts on a wrestling message board, he is usually aboriginal and has a massive penis which resembles the statue of liberty...but bigger.
Spanky poked me in the eye
by Martin August 07, 2004
One of those things they put in between each urinal in a lot of gents public toilets so there is no peeking.
Thank God there's a cockblock there, Steely was trying to look at my package.
by Martin September 24, 2003
traveling or "backpack" guitar
The boy thought he was playing a real guitar, but really it was only a banjo.. poor sad little boy.
by martin May 27, 2003
As used in "Little Britain" - when looking after a mad person and having to do what they want when they change their mind....
Paints whole bedroom red - then wants it blue after the last bit has been done - what a kafuffle
by Martin January 21, 2004
Biggest n00b known to man
Osiris: I rawk!1
Some Dude: You n00b, I pwnd you yesterday
Osiris: True...
by Martin February 26, 2005
Scottish slang term for any cheap alcoholic drink drunk by young neds and jakies. Most commonly refers to buckfast.
'I'm rattlin big chap had a heavy night on the council juice last night'
by martin October 16, 2004
the clevace is the gap that runs from the small of your back around to your nuts/twat
i kicked him in the clevace
by Martin February 16, 2005
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