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504 definitions by Mark

"This is a 3-dimensional object known as a cube, or a Frinkahedron, in honor of its discoverer."

-Professor John Frink, The Simpsons
A frinkahedron has 6 sides.
by Mark April 22, 2004
The ability to use both hands with equal proficiency.
"I'll can beat you with with both of my hands because I am ambidextrous."

"Don't be relieved because Billy has a gun in his left hand, he can still bust a cap in yo ass because he's ambidextrous"
by Mark November 10, 2003
1) Scenario:
A male contestant dressed in a roll of bamboo shoots must climb up a hill covered in foam, while avoiding giant acorns being rolled down the hill at him. The starting point at the bottom of the hill is covered in bushes.
2) Action:
The contestant is hit by rolling acorns and is forced back to the starting point.
"Well I guess after taking a few nuts on the chin, it must feel pretty good to be back in the bush".
All very legitimate and wholesome when taken in context.
by Mark January 06, 2004
to be in the groove..to be cool
man!!that chick is really groovy
by mark October 04, 2003
a female slut who enjoys male company.
A female who is very permisques and like attention form males. Also who enjoys having sex with multiple partners
by Mark October 15, 2004
choop means any person place or thing or verb
one day i was chooping down the choop when this choop comes up and was like CHOOP YOU and i was like what the choop?
by mark February 29, 2004