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One of the better areas in northeastern Pa, along with the Poconos and Kingston. Certainly better than Hazleton, Nanticoke, Scranton or Glen Lyon. Dosent consist of low class scum like those areas. Located near Kingston Pennsylvania in the valley surrounded by mountains. Has arenas, good restraunts, decent, good scenery.
Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
by mark February 24, 2005
A person who cannot "hold alcohol". Simply, one who is subject to the effects of alcohol quickly, most effectively in one beer.

Note, queer does not necessarily refer to the person's sexuality.
Jeff's a one beer queer. After a Bud, he was out.
by Mark August 05, 2004
Competition between two or more nations, factions, or groups in which each participant strives to produce the most technologically advanced and destructive weapon.
The arms race between the former Soviet Union and the United States spurred many technological advances.
by Mark October 20, 2003
choop means any person place or thing or verb
one day i was chooping down the choop when this choop comes up and was like CHOOP YOU and i was like what the choop?
by mark February 29, 2004
to shoot someone
I'm gonna pop a cap in yo' ass!
by Mark January 24, 2003
A pink dinosaur with a bow, originating from Mario Bros. 2. Birdo is actually a guy, as stated from the instruction manual.
Dammit, I'm always stuck with birdo and Waluigi in Double Dash!
by Mark February 17, 2005
someone who is a complete shitbag and doesnt deserve to share the same air as normal people
That kid is a freaking waste of life
by mark March 29, 2004
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