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A term used to describe how a girl is.
Also a term used to refer to one's friend. Usually one girl talking to another.
1) Lisa is taking so long to get ready, she is so girlie.

2) Hey Girlie, long time no see, come over here.
by pennylane April 02, 2005
193 68
hot girl
Check out that girlie!
by Mr. Max October 11, 2008
40 40
(adj.) Featuring nude or scantily clad young women.
Playboy is a girlie magazine.
by Nikita (Suki Kitty ) and Ali December 27, 2005
44 64
An act of violence/threat from one girl to another usually associated with gang members.
Sarah got real girlie with Beth.
by kimmie669 June 11, 2004
22 66
A big fat n*rth*rn poof.
Fuck off Girlie. Girlie you're a cunt.
by Carl G November 26, 2004
14 93
A girlie is one of Tim's girls.
Tim's girlies cooed over him when he had a bad day.
by Pretty Pouncer May 20, 2004
11 99