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A word used to convey happines. Usually used by either old people or rebels who feel words such as good or awesome are overused.
'It was dandy yesterday when Raj and I skipped through the flowers.'

'I am NOT dandy right now.'
by Mark November 29, 2004
A car company that proves that you can overcome anything. Volkswagen succeeded and became one of the biggest car manufacurers in the world despite the fact that it was used as propaganda by Hitler to help take over the world
I drive a Volkswagen and its the best
by mark April 13, 2005
1) Sid Meiyer's civilization. The best game series ever created.
2) any game that you cant stop playing for more then 3 hours.
Civ 4 will destroy my life.

Man, master of orion totally cived me.
by Mark July 06, 2004
A city with a great nightlife, helped greatly by the fact that the (usually aesthetically pleasing) women enjoying which tend to demonstrate a relatively high level of assertiveness, when it comes to initiating kisses and flirtatious actions. Definitely one of the easiest places in which to pull.

Just a shame about the aggressive, mentally-deficient Scallies who inhabit the place.
Fit Scouse bird: "Would you like my tongue down your throat, like?"

Bloke (*overcome with surprise*): "Errrrr"

Fit Scouse bird: "Well tough shit; you're getting it!"
by Mark May 06, 2004
A reply to agree with someone eles's statement.
<Luke> sup, I'm bored.
<Mark> Same.
by Mark April 12, 2003
A term commonly used by pirates and pirate wannabes. Means cease and desist.
Arr, avast lest ye want yer captain te chop off ye balls!
by Mark November 29, 2004
One of the better areas in northeastern Pa, along with the Poconos and Kingston. Certainly better than Hazleton, Nanticoke, Scranton or Glen Lyon. Dosent consist of low class scum like those areas. Located near Kingston Pennsylvania in the valley surrounded by mountains. Has arenas, good restraunts, decent, good scenery.
Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
by mark February 24, 2005

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