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left over jizz from the night before
check out the wet patch on that camel toe must have had its fill from the night before
by Mark July 31, 2004
First introduced by Ronnie James Dio taught to him as a gesture rooted in Old World customs, actually being a sign to protect one from the Evil Eye. So, know what it means before you throw it up at your next New Found Glory concert
Holy Diver, you've been down too long in the midnight sea
by Mark March 16, 2005
bad name for italian people
black=nigger, italians=deigo, spanish=spic
by Mark March 22, 2005
Something you should keep on
"Keep on truckin.." from a Grateful Dead song.
by Mark July 19, 2003
Can mean either 'gay' literally or as an offense
Dak pufta. - He's gay
Xint pufta imqaxxar - You're a shaved gay
by Mark July 09, 2004
TEABAGGING IS THE PROCESS OF ONES TESTICALS PROUDLY HANGING 2CM FROM your girlfriends mouth. Whilst dipping your love spuds in her mout ask if she would like the teabag left in. I can tell you now Steve erwin does not recomend teabagging with an old croc
by mark January 12, 2005
Name of a South American country as pernounced by Homer Simpson
Homer points to a map of the world, pointing to Uruguay he says:hhehehehe look at the name of this country! U R Gay!
by mark December 08, 2003

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