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The male reproductive organ. A comeback from being called a pussy. Fossy hole and Fossy slot have also been heard.
"You're such a pussy"
"You're a f*cking fossy hole!"
by Fragmaroom September 26, 2006
An incredibly good looking guy every girl loves. Will most likely play some sort of sport, and will look great in the uniform. Mostly attracted to German girls.
Girl #1: Do you wanna make out?
Fossy: Sorry, I'm dating an incredible German girl.
by addie c. March 25, 2009
A word Similar to Fuzzy and Glossy Used To talk about your Hair.
My Pubic Hair is So Fossy Wanna Touch it
by JGillyy April 12, 2010
A fat gay tosser who is really thick and annoying.
Theres a Fossy around...Doh
by Wizbit Rich June 21, 2006
1. (adj): a miserable person who cares not much for others learning or feelings. He/She is a waste of a life.

2. (adj): An antiwar activist that makes no sense, a quaker.

3.(adj): A worthless anorexic that the world would be a happier place if he/she just died.
Dude, why are you being such a fossy!
by Frank June 09, 2003
Excellent at online games, The fossy is a mysterious figure to be reckoned with.
<|_emon> Damn nice shot mr fossy!
<Mr.Fossy>Yes I know.... (disapears ina puff of smoke>
by Mark September 03, 2004
A very old person.
Where did you dig up that old fossy?
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003

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