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When the guy gets the last word in with "yes dear", or O.K. honey.
The bottom of your shoes need to be licked clean because you stepped in some dog shit? Yes dear, I'll take care of it right now.
Scott you one balled bitch. Do you get your period at the same time as the other women in the office? All I can think is that she must be one hell of a blow job. Gay men laugh at you.
by Mark January 24, 2005
TEABAGGING IS THE PROCESS OF ONES TESTICALS PROUDLY HANGING 2CM FROM your girlfriends mouth. Whilst dipping your love spuds in her mout ask if she would like the teabag left in. I can tell you now Steve erwin does not recomend teabagging with an old croc
by mark January 12, 2005
Name of a South American country as pernounced by Homer Simpson
Homer points to a map of the world, pointing to Uruguay he says:hhehehehe look at the name of this country! U R Gay!
by mark December 08, 2003
1 : the time required for half of something to undergo a process: as a : the time required for half of the atoms of a radioactive substance to become disintegrated b : the time required for half the amount of a substance (as a drug or radioactive tracer) in or introduced into a living system or ecosystem to be eliminated or disintegrated by natural processes
2 : a period of usefulness or popularity preceding decline or obsolescence <slang usually has a short half-life>
For americium-241, it is known that half of the atoms decay in 458 years. Therefore, 458 years is the half-life of americium-241. Every radioactive element has a different half-life, ranging from fractions of a second to millions of years, depending on the specific isotope. For example, americium-243 has a half-life of 7,370 years.
by Mark January 06, 2004
The acceptance of ones standards in women lowering due to the best of a scarce female population being less than what you would accept in another location.

This syndrome does accept however, that there may be the occasional girl who meets, or exceeds a personal standard, but is unavailable.
Far, Far too many available to list.
by Mark April 21, 2005
1. (n) Semen
2. (v) To become excited
1. A guy's cream
2. To cream onself, "I was so excited I creamed my pants"
by Mark June 24, 2004
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