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A tiny terd
I went poopies. Poopies in my pants. Poopies for you.
by Mark March 02, 2004
Person acting so gay that it its only possible if that person is a robot programmed to act like a fag. Originated by Sam.
Holy crap, Jameel is a fagtron.
by Mark May 27, 2003
it's when you turn yellow from liver malfunction you fucking morons
Bill drinks too much so his skin is jaundice
by mark July 10, 2005
Someone who can't utter a sentence without the excessive use of swearwords. Not attractive.
Tarindu - Hey Geraldine, this is a fucking great party eh? What is fucking Thanksgiving anyway? Really that's fucked up? Shut it Mark you fucker!

Geraldine - You're such a pottymouth!
by Mark November 27, 2003
An alternate saying of lol.
Mikez92: whyd the chiken cross teh road?
ajnko40: l0l i noe this one!!!!
Mikez92: olo
Mikez92: lol**
by Mark September 04, 2005
"Like a Fox" is used after an action that one has just achieved as a discriptive phrase. When you have done something, adding "Like a Fox!" at the end will emphisize the slyness, talent or precision you or someone else has achieved something. "Like a Fox" can also be said; "Like Fox!". Like a Fox is traced back as far as an ancient phanton comic, where the Phantom states; "Crazy like a fox"
"I tricked you Like a Fox!"
"I am smart Likke Fox!"
"Stupid like a fox!" -Homer
by Mark November 14, 2004
One year in county jail
by Mark April 14, 2003

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