25 definitions by Mango

1.New form of fo shizzle, originating from south florida
2. For sure
1. Fo shoggle my noggle!
2. Blaine: You wanna go down to Miami in mah ride?
Jesse: Fo shoggle!
by Mango January 31, 2005
a person with one eye that at any time could explode.
"Oh, shit! I think i'm going Miranda Smith!"
by Mango May 24, 2004
A gay fob or someone who hangs around massive fobs
Wow that kid is such a canbin
by Mango February 08, 2004
(adj.) to be attracted to Asians and Asianess in general
She has posters of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat and Hop Sing in her bedroom. She's yellow hungry!
by Mango January 02, 2003
Shit, I'd fuck him.
Osaro is very a fuckable man.
by Mango July 02, 2003
(v.) when a male performs rear entry intercourse on a female while both parties are standing up and hopping up and down vigoursly.
We were dead tired after manxing the jambunny all night.
by Mango January 02, 2003
Acronym: Can't Remember A Fucking Thing

State of being exemplified by the avid partier.
You're such a craft.
by Mango May 11, 2004
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