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A Hebrew folk rock band that played from the '70s to the '90.
Not to be confused with other 'Lamb' bands.
Lamb is the best band that ever played.
by Mango April 09, 2005
The sacred name of God, not to be taken in vain, and must be respected.
Seen in the word Hallelujah (Praise to Yah).
Note: The god of the Muslims is a demon, and is NOT Yahweh.
Yahweh is my God, and he is the Creator.
by Mango April 09, 2005
n. A shower of urine delivered onto the victim by a multicultural group of pissers.
In prison, Sven, Tuan, Rajif, Leroy and Chief Bigbear all gave Stevie a rainbow shower.
by Mango January 02, 2003
1. The current Prime Minister of Israel as of April '05. He is a man who goes against true zionism and allows the land of Israel to be split up.
Israel could have a much better PM than Ariel Sharon
by Mango April 04, 2005
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