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(n.) When a partners shits on you but you are protected by saran wrap.

Also see hot carl and cold carl.
She gave me a hot carl but I didn't have to shower afterwards.
by Mango January 02, 2003
(v.) to release a large stool, or series of stools
After eating that burrito, I have to release the hostages.
by Mango January 02, 2003
n. one who enjoys cuddling up to hairy or furry things
"If Jane's not a carpetmuncher, she's at least a fuzznuzzler."
by Mango January 02, 2003
Someone who has an extreme obsession with David Bowie.
"I can't even see your walls anymore with how many David Bowie posters you have up. You're such a mizuiro!"

"Is this even legal? I swear that it's illegal to be a mizuiro in some countries."

"You didn't tell me your brother was a mizuiro."
by Mango April 20, 2004
adj. To have a beautiful figure/physique but a substandard or repulsive facial appearance.

Can be used in conjunction with "butterface" (n.)
That stripper is moogly!
by Mango January 02, 2003
This guy is awesome. He causes others who oppose to him A LOT of misfortune.
Shaobin made me do it.
by Mango July 02, 2003
(n.) a woman of ill repute; dirty whore
That filthy skank is one mean poodiatch!
by Mango January 02, 2003
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