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In russian meaning "shit".
ah suka, ya nastopeel v gavno!
by Andre April 25, 2005
103 15
Gavno means in Russian "shit". This word is a slang, but not strictly prohibited by censure. Literally it means feaces or excrement of living creature. Word gavno may simbolize exactly feaces or excrement as biological substance or word gavno may simbolize bad unwilling situation or simply bad quality of any product. Word gavno has a lot of derivatives.
U tebya gavno na botinkie. You has a shit on your shoes

Nu, pizdec not censured word in Russian, ya opyaty nastopeel v gavno. Oh fuck I step in a shit piece again

Kachestvo polnoie gavno Quality is very bad

Mi v polnom gavnie We have big problems

by Znatok Russkogo April 26, 2006
55 25
Another word for russlan
stupid gavno, he's so annoying!
by They call me Unnon April 28, 2005
15 69