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1. dick, cock, penis
2. someone really annoying
3. if pronounced with strength means NO

Pronunciation: WHO-yi (WHO is stressed, and yi-part sounds like the beginning of yeast)

Written in Russian: ХУЙ (use Unicode UTF-8 encoding to see it properly)
1. Sosi moi hui suka! (Suck my dick bi-atch!)
2. Chyo za hui? (Who's this dickhead?)
3. - Wanna last piece of pizza?
- U-huh!..
- Hui!
by xerurg October 10, 2006
367 128
the asian sensation.
Hui will fuck the guy up who made the other definition.
by Not Hui February 06, 2008
144 115
A word uttered as an alternative to saying the word "what" or "pardon". Said "Who is" this word expresses questionable intent and overall Hu-isanalisitiy
Have you seen the news today? reply Hu-is!
by Jimmythefinger January 20, 2011
2 1
the way gipsies call a penis or a dick
asen (gypsy): hey, pussy wanna taste my hui?

pussy: fuck off, ugly gipsy
by June 22, 2005
35 137