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Theism is not a religion, rather it is a belief in god(s). This can be a belief in a single God, as in Islam, Christianity, or Judaism (monotheism), or a belief in deities or multiple gods, such as Hinduism & many ancient religions.
Islam is a type of theism.
Christianity is a type of theism.
Judaism is a type of theism.
Theism can be unrelated to organised religion.

Theism is not the same as religion. Religions can be atheistic, i.e. Buddhism.
by geekchic April 15, 2006
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Theism is the concept of a god. Theism is where theists and atheists come from. If you accept theism you are theist. If you don't accept theism you are an atheist. Babies are not atheists. Babies have no way to accept or reject the concept of a god. How can babies choose to be theist or atheist when they can't examine the evidence? Same goes for rocks, trees, cats and dogs. It has nothing to do with belief. Your belief or disbelief is the result of your choice, not the reason for it.
I am an atheist. After examining the evidence, I choose not to accept theism as a truth.
by Resident Atheist April 03, 2012
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Theism is a belief in God or gods, the opposite of atheism, and thus for smart people and not idiotic atheists. Theists are people who embrace theism but not necessarily any organized religion.
Ron over there is a theist, claims no organized religion but believes in God.

Theism is the opposite of atheism.
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
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