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1. to be incredibly retarded with at least one of your eyes lazy

2. to have an IQ less than 10
Guy #1: Hey, is that kid over there with shit stains on his pants mentally challenged?

Guy#2(shakes his head in a disapproving manner): No man, he is shappy, which is much worse.
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009

A wart found on or around a penis of a male stripper.

Squires are transmitted through sexual intercourse. To prevent the spread of squires, one should always wear a condom or give up on sex entirely.

Closely related to a qwerty but squires are found on the male sex.

L: Oh my god! I found a squire last night when I was masturbating!

P: Are you serious? You need to get that shit checked out!
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009

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