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Adj. / noun

Shappy: to be happy, joyous, overly- amazing in every way possible, and quite factually the coolest thing that ever walked the planet lol

SHappy: of or referring to the person or thing that is named shappy and shares the sames characteristics as the adj.
Example: THis shappy pink lemonade is quite refreshing!

Example: Shappy, you are a verrrrrrrrryyyyyy shappy person!!!!!!
by d e f January 08, 2009
30 13
A hot jewish guy with a big dick.
Hot girl 1: You know Jake?
Hot Girl 2: Ya, I road that Shappy last night! He was amazing!
by Shappy November 30, 2006
44 37
really freakin happy. extremely happy.
dude, there's a lizzie mcguire marathon on. i think i love her. this makes me shappy
by mercenary February 14, 2003
18 16
shappy, a colloquialism from the early 70's when hippies were heading in strong. it comes from a combining of the words "shit" and "happy" as in "i'm shit happy" as in i'm so fucked up i'm ridiculously happy. Generally a drinking term. Not to be confused with slappy, a form of slap-happy.
a: "I'm so drunk!!"
b: "yeah, you look shappy"

1: "shappy yet?"
2: "no, another drink or two"

A: "asd;flkj... i'm... this is awesome... i'msofuckingshappy.. and... gawdiloveyouall...." *passout*
by dgrizzle April 29, 2009
7 8
a fat jewish kid who wears "shaphats" and excessively hangs out with illegals and kids with jewfros
by bca hackensack January 10, 2009
6 21

1. to be incredibly retarded with at least one of your eyes lazy

2. to have an IQ less than 10
Guy #1: Hey, is that kid over there with shit stains on his pants mentally challenged?

Guy#2(shakes his head in a disapproving manner): No man, he is shappy, which is much worse.
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009
1 17
(n) A shortened version of Shapronie

see definition of Shapronie
As a greeting: What's up shappy
by Joe Rodriguez June 10, 2005
2 20