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Adj. / noun

Shappy: to be happy, joyous, overly- amazing in every way possible, and quite factually the coolest thing that ever walked the planet lol

SHappy: of or referring to the person or thing that is named shappy and shares the sames characteristics as the adj.
Example: THis shappy pink lemonade is quite refreshing!

Example: Shappy, you are a verrrrrrrrryyyyyy shappy person!!!!!!
by d e f January 08, 2009
A hot jewish guy with a big dick.
Hot girl 1: You know Jake?
Hot Girl 2: Ya, I road that Shappy last night! He was amazing!
by Shappy November 30, 2006
really freakin happy. extremely happy.
dude, there's a lizzie mcguire marathon on. i think i love her. this makes me shappy
by mercenary February 14, 2003
Sad and happy, the feeling of a sad happiness.
The song Never Stop makes me Shappy.
by ShappyJerry September 16, 2014
shappy, a colloquialism from the early 70's when hippies were heading in strong. it comes from a combining of the words "shit" and "happy" as in "i'm shit happy" as in i'm so fucked up i'm ridiculously happy. Generally a drinking term. Not to be confused with slappy, a form of slap-happy.
a: "I'm so drunk!!"
b: "yeah, you look shappy"

1: "shappy yet?"
2: "no, another drink or two"

A: "asd;flkj... i'm... this is awesome... i'msofuckingshappy.. and... gawdiloveyouall...." *passout*
by dgrizzle April 29, 2009
a fat jewish kid who wears "shaphats" and excessively hangs out with illegals and kids with jewfros
by bca hackensack January 10, 2009

1. to be incredibly retarded with at least one of your eyes lazy

2. to have an IQ less than 10
Guy #1: Hey, is that kid over there with shit stains on his pants mentally challenged?

Guy#2(shakes his head in a disapproving manner): No man, he is shappy, which is much worse.
by LuckyLemon February 15, 2009
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