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A locked room full of computers and people working on them, unable to leave. A place where computer energy effects human brains.
In a cyberlerium, a persons brain begins to become one with the computer
by LizaLipz February 03, 2008
1)The state in which a person at a computer can no longer see the screen clearly nor can they move their fingers correctly.2) when a person is sick of being at a computer. 3) breasts are in the way of the keyboard
Computitis is when a womans breasts are in the way of the keyboard on a computer.
by LizaLipz February 03, 2008
a person that rambles on while writing in a blog.
A blargmonster is an idiot that cannot stop rambling on while posting a blog.
by LizaLipz February 03, 2008
State of frenzy the tech and cyber-world investors are in deciding which technologies will prevail and which will quickly disappear. Also defined in investments, as the state in which a buyer is in while online deciding which decisions to make for their investors; usually millions of dollars are on the line.
Cybolerium is when the Microsoft owner is deciding if Vista should have really been sent to market, and knows XP should really still be available.
by LizaLipz February 03, 2008

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