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925 definitions by Light Joker

1. drug or alcohol intoxicated

2. a state of euphoria caused by drugs or alcohol
He pretended to be high when he arrived at the prison.
by Light Joker February 15, 2005
a group of kids or teenagers
He hung out with a posse of troublemakers. That was why his parents were angry with him.
by Light Joker December 20, 2004
a woman's breast(usually pural)
She wanted him to stroke her lungs when they got home.
by Light Joker October 31, 2004
A term implying that the said person is all white.
(Acronym, From White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, usually derogatory)
Just because I am white does not mean I am a Wasp.
by Light Joker April 16, 2004
1. excessively devoted to nature, enviornmental awareness, vegetarian diet, etc

2. a person who is excessively devoted to these issues
That granola type guy really annoys me.
by Light Joker April 15, 2006
(in Fire Emblem for Gameboy Advance)

The nickname used to refer to perscilla's older brother, Raymond
Raven is a level 5 mercenary, traveling with Lucious the monk.
by Light Joker March 20, 2004
1. a student in a technical or engineering collage

2. a person with technical skills or knowledge
I can't stand these techies and their mindless droneing.
by Light Joker February 07, 2006