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A term implying that the said person is all white.
(Acronym, From White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, usually derogatory)
Just because I am white does not mean I am a Wasp.
by Light Joker April 16, 2004
a police vehicle in which criminals are taken away in(from paddy, police officer, which comes from the fact that many police officers are of Irish decent)
The thief cursed the rich old man as the paddywagon took him away.
by Light Joker October 17, 2004
(in Fire Emblem for Gameboy Advance)

The nickname used to refer to perscilla's older brother, Raymond
Raven is a level 5 mercenary, traveling with Lucious the monk.
by Light Joker March 20, 2004
a woman's breast(usually pural)
She wanted him to stroke her lungs when they got home.
by Light Joker October 31, 2004
1. a rural person

2. a southern Appalachian hill dweller
Those hillbillys are such losers.
by Light Joker May 18, 2006
1. a student in a technical or engineering collage

2. a person with technical skills or knowledge
I can't stand these techies and their mindless droneing.
by Light Joker February 07, 2006
to reach the point where the poupularity of a show, movie, musician, or any other pop culture icon declines in popularity (refers to an episode of The 1960's TV show, "Happy Days" where Fonz jumps over a shark while water skiing, see also jump the couch)
It looks like Voyager is about to jump the shark.
by Light Joker November 04, 2005

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