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A Fritzel Baby is someone who seems to have been kept in a cage for years, a real buzz kill kind of person, or someone with no sense of enjoyment, and cant recognise new bands or songs or famous people, or government officials, or doesnt even know what hit shows are on tv.
Michael: Yeah I love rock music.

S: Cool, so do you like Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine or Metallica?

Michael: Eh, who are they, I never heard of them, but I like Dragon Force.

S: Youre such a Fritzel Baby.

Eric: Hey Michael do you even know who the president of the USA is?

Michael: Yeah its Russel Brand, he's my hero.

Eric: Fuckin Fritzel Baby.
by Leco February 03, 2009
A tubber is predominately a fat person, or a male with man boobs, also can be someone who eats a lot.
Mike: OMG Dave is such a Tubber.

Steve: Yeah totally that guy has serious moobs.
by Leco January 23, 2009
A Shinto John is any person who does something stereotypical of an asian person, can also be an oriental looking person. This person may or may not be an asian person.
S: Hey man look at Brian eating those noodles.

E: Ha, he's such a Shinto John.

Michael: Whoa, that dude looks funny with that Oriental hat.

Jim: Fuckin Shinto Johns.
by Leco February 06, 2009
A Table cloth is a piece of material which is used to cover and protect the table.
Mike: Hey Jimmy I got a new table.

Jimmy: Cool, you should totally get a table cloth for it.
by Leco January 30, 2009
Alphabet rating is a discreet way of rating people of the opposite sex.
In the Alphabet rating, an 'A' rating is the highest and this is 26 out of 26, with 'Z' being the worst (1 out of 26)

Mike: That chick was totally a 'D'

Steve: No way man, she had epic boobs,toattly a 'B'

Mike: True dat, Brah.

Steph: OMG Bryson is totally an 'A', he's perfect and apparently great in bed.

Denise: Yeah great in bed if your name is Jimmy, Bryson is extremly gay, hot, but gay, id only give him a 'K'

Steph: No way, I dont not what to believe anymore.

by Leco January 23, 2009
Sweah, (Sweat) Pronouced (Swe-eh)
means super awesome, or cool.
S: Dude I totally strawberry shortcaked this chick last night.

E: Sweah
by Leco February 03, 2009
Viewtyful is when when someone who owns an LG cell phone, and refers to everything being 'Viewtyful' instead of saying beautiful.
Linda: OMG I just lvoe the scenery.

Rhonda: Yeah, its Viewtyful.

Linda: I agree.
by Leco January 30, 2009

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