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A tubber is predominately a fat person, or a male with man boobs, also can be someone who eats a lot.
Mike: OMG Dave is such a Tubber.

Steve: Yeah totally that guy has serious moobs.
by Leco January 23, 2009
Tubbers. Noun. Derivative of 'Tub of Lard' as once featured on 'Have I got News for You.' Now a popular term to descibe a human being who is a bit of a fat lump and generally tubs around being a couch potato.
Our dad is one massive tubbers!
by Shedmundo November 05, 2009
a fat shit cat, a stupid fatty animal that lies on its side like a beached whale and whines when you step on its head
get over here tubbers and let me eat your soul
by rajhim October 04, 2006
A situation where one finds it necessary to resort to washing their ass off in the tub after taking a dump. Usually, one tries to wipe a few times until they realize they are making no real progress towards getting clean.

- A messy poo
Man, I sure felt better after taking that huge crap, but it ended up being a "tubber".

Two wipes and I conceded, it was definately a "tubber".
by Vtrexx October 10, 2008
A person with a bloated midsection. Tubbers is a nickname given to someone with a gut.
After gaining her freshmen 15, Kim's nickname became "Tubbers".
by Shay AA July 15, 2008
To get laid in a hottub and/or a bath tub
Jimmy got a tubber when his parents were out of town
by krasspeni August 04, 2008
A person who busts it up sexually with big girls or guys
Dave: See the size of that thing Steve went home with last night? T'was towing it's own hotdog stand for crying out loud!
Mike: Doesn't surprise me TBH, he's a tubber, said sommat about liking the challenge of finding the hole.

After wrestling the chubby lump to the floor 'Trevor the Tubber' flipped fat Freddy over and slipped his little weener into his brown eye
by crxchaos July 12, 2006
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