8 definitions by Le Douche Bag

Jerking off using lotion, preferably Jergen's brand lotion.
"Got a new vid and a bottle of my best brand. Leave me alone I'm Jergen off!"
by Le Douche Bag February 22, 2008
masturbation and various other fun you have with your dick
"Pee Wee Herman loved Pickle Play even in public."
by Le Douche Bag January 22, 2008
a hand job or masturbation while immersed in water or w/ a lot of lube handy.
"With porn, Slickin' the Sea Serpent is a man's number one pass time."
by Le Douche Bag January 22, 2008
Sea Foam the drool of the giver of a BJ. Responsible for the myths relating seamen and sperm to rabies.
"Don't let her in the house, she'll get sea foam all over the carpet!"
by Le Douche Bag January 23, 2008
Iron Man's sexual play name. Is believed to have been his prior choice in name, before being taunted at a crime scene.
Saved woman:"Thank you for saving me, um..."
Iron Man: "You can just call me Fe-Male."
Confused crowd: "What did he just say-- Hahahaha!"

Fe-Male will keep this world safe!
by Le Douche Bag April 10, 2008
Breasts with very long nipples.
"The majority of men fed with dick tats as infants are said to grow to be homosexuals."
"Feeding my baby why my dick tats taught them how to use straws at the same time."
by Le Douche Bag January 23, 2008
a person that likes giving oral service to a woman
"That douche is a odd kind of janitor."
"Hey Long- Lick Her Douche, come over I'm feeling a little dry."
by Le Douche Bag January 23, 2008

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