6 definitions by Kooby

More Descrete way of saying "Holy Fuck"
Holy Muff that shit is leet!
by Kooby May 25, 2005
ICannt is a non profit organisation that specializes in Counter-Strike Source servers in Australia. The name is derived from ICANN.
Hey man I'm heading off to play BTF on ICannt
by Kooby August 15, 2006
Where something is stuffed really badly
"Shit, we're cluster fucked".
by Kooby May 25, 2005
Personality/way of doing things in life
his joints are so annoying
by Kooby May 25, 2005
A male or man or boy
In a chatroom:
guy2:im a swet
by Kooby May 25, 2005
Deal or whats going on
guy1:What's the ditz?
guy2:no idea
by Kooby May 25, 2005

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