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7 definitions by Koch Master

A very large cat. Usually domesticated and is mostly angry.
"Woah Matt, Watch out for that ass cat sitting on the couch, it can attack you!"
by Koch Master June 18, 2009
39 7
The act of taking a dump then forming the poop in a way that makes the poop look like a recees peanut butter cup.
"Man, i cant believe i just fed Adrian a reeces feces peanut butter cup."
by Koch Master June 20, 2009
34 4
The process of putting your shit in a food dehydrator and making beef jerkey out of your shit.
"Wow Mike, i really want to buy some beef jerky but it costs $5.95 a bag so i will make shit jerky out of the beef jerky i ate last night".
by Koch Master June 20, 2009
32 9
When a french man walks up to you and grabs a fistful of noodles and shoves them in your face with great force.
"Christian was walking down the street and a crazy frenchman jumped out of the shrubbery and attacked his face with a fistful of noodles!"

This Maneuver is known as the French Noodler
by Koch Master June 20, 2009
29 6
When you accidentally take a dump then squeeze your butt cheeks to stop the flow.
"Man, Im so happy that i pulled a butt tucket maneuver so, my pants wouldn't fill up with feces!"
by Koch Master June 20, 2009
26 3
The which entitles clicking your ankle and or cankle to the back of your leg nonstop while playing Paddy-Cake with a friend. (A very hard dance to perfect.)
"Make room on the dance floor!" "That couple is about to do the grumpy saddle!
by Koch Master June 21, 2009
27 14
"The Act of a woman taking a dump while on her period wearing a tampon"
"Honey!" "i just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich between my legs!"
by Koch Master June 20, 2009
42 31