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A very large cat. Usually domesticated and is mostly angry.
"Woah Matt, Watch out for that ass cat sitting on the couch, it can attack you!"
by Koch Master June 18, 2009
Any person that does something incredibly stupid. ie: dumping bong water all over your friends bed.

See Also: Huge Asscat; Mcbone
"Oh! I'm always the asscat!"
"Man, I'm such the asscat."
"Meow, I'm always the asscat..."
"Don't be an asscat!"
"G Rate! I'm the asscat!"
by Joe Beano & Sticky December 11, 2003
A rare but potent STD contracted from having buttsex with cats. Most noticeable symptoms are brown curly hair, small tittys, a bad smell and strangely colored pubic hair. (such as polkadots)
-Dude, that chick is one fine mamajamba.
-Yo stay away from her man, Bitch got asscats!
by nicandjon February 01, 2006
Casn be used to describe someone who is an idiot and make yourself sound cool at the same time.

*See ass hat
"Man,Jammie is such an ass cat!"

"What an ass cat!"
by Ryoko Katsuya August 11, 2005
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