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Someone whom does one or more of the following:

1) Has an obsession of a certain object, thing, or fad. (Dragonball Z, Baseball, Video game consoles, Yo-yos.

2) One that does not think that his obsession or hobby (if they didn't fit the first one) will make him any real friends or perhaps get him laid.

3) One that defends that obsession beyond all hope and logic. Also, one that cannot back up their statement with anything but flame bait.

4) One that takes his obsession beyond comprehensible levels of sanity.

Lets use all four in context: (Note: I am not a nintendo fanboy or a bush hater. These are hypothetical situations one might observe these things happening)
1)Fanboy: So, did you see the episode of Xena:Warrior Princess last night? OMG, Lucy's using the Hermina Blade! I've only read that in the novels!

2)Fanboy:Dude, Sailor Uranus is so freaking hot!

Other guy: Dude, get the hell away from me.

3) (Two examples)
Guy 1: Well, the gamecube hasn't been doing so well this year....

Guy1: Hmm....the president has been doing a lot towards the economic situation....
Guy2: Yeah! Bush sucks balls!
Guy1: I didn't say that...
Guy2: Bush is a stupid idiot.
Guy1: You fanboys should be shot.

4)Fanboy: And you can obviously see that Rikku in FFX-2 is obviously not wearing much in this scene. The humidity from the sun and the build up in the room must be from that. Yeah....also.... (goes on for half a year...)
by Kirbz February 20, 2006
A version of the word yeppers. This is usually used in either:
1) Agreeing with someone.
2) Used to break the silence of an ackward situation.
Ex 1:
Person1: So, did you go to the movies?
Person2: "Yepperz."

Ex 2:
Person1: ....
Person2: Yepperz...sure is an interesting convo...
by Kirbz February 14, 2006
1) To pwn somebody so terribly that they must hide their face in everlasting shame.
2) In the game Super Smash Brothers Melee, it is the slang term for Mr. Game and Watch's Down B attack which excretes oil upon another character's face/body.
1) Damn, he just got splooged by that guy in counterstrike.

2) Wow, his Mr. Game and Watch just totally splooged you into defeat.
by Kirbz February 21, 2006
An abbrivation of the soda Mountain Dew. Used usually by fans of the drink.
Like dude, pass me the MD. I need my fix.
by Kirbz February 20, 2006
A pseudo-German word meaning "something of great joy" or w00t. Used to explain a event of great jubulation or joy. Sometimes replaces w00t as an interjection.
The n00b was totally pwned and w00tenhaus was had by all.
by Kirbz February 14, 2006
To "browse" one's face to find out what he/she might be feeling. The f in the blantant misspelling of browse could stand for "feelings" or "face" In a way, it's like browsing on the internet to find something out online.
I frowsed her face and found that her worried expression came from her lackluster test results.
by Kirbz February 14, 2006
A mix between the leet language and english, it implies something of fast speed or that is moving at great speed. It is also sometimes used as sarcasm about something that is really slow.
Ex1: My Impala can z00tz0r5 on the highway and country.

Ex2: Wow, this dial-up connection is really z00tz0r5.
by Kirbz February 14, 2006

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