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Also known as Emmel Vor, Brickz wah Muffinz or Stones or Cookies.

This game can result in serious injury please do not attempt to play it, some people might not find it funny yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, it is where you get bricks and muffins, walk up to some random and ask what they want thrown at them.

It always results in the person getting pelted with brickz.

A game of brickz wah muffinz:


Randomer: WTF

B or M player: What do you want thrown at your nut, BRICKS OR MUFFINS, BRICKZ WAH MUFFINZ?

Randomer: MUFFINS!!

B or M: I can't hear you? Bricks or muffins?

Randomer: Muffins

B or M: What? Bricks?

Randomer: No, muffins.

B or M: Hearin ya loud and clear jm, every1 seems to choose bricks these days!

(Randomer gets pelted with bricks.)

Randomer: Ang.

(Group eat muffins)
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE January 04, 2009
A really annoying woman or girl. Usually a bit tarty, with the favourite pastime of stealing other peoples boyfriends or crushes. JiiEmms lure people into a false sense of security by being ditzy, annoying, dazed and a bit of a bimbo (though JiiEmms usually have black curly hair).
Chick1: Ang.
Chick2: What is it hunni?
Chick1: You know Jill?
Chick2: Ditzy Jill? With the curly hair?
Chick1: Yeahh, Jerome just dumped me for her!
Chick2: OMG!!
Chick1: I kinda don't blame him, I'm sure she came on to him!
*"jill" appears*
Jill: Hey, are you ang at me?
Chicks1&2: Yeahh 8o|
Jill: ABERFELDY! *skips off*
Chick1: OMG I hate that JiiEmm!
Chick2: JiiEmm and a half! Lets go eat a pine-in-an-apple.
Chick1: Yehh!!!!
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008
when someone named munro, eg a teacher named miss munro,or a girl named munro, owns you, or makes you her bitch
Me: Hey Chris, did Miss Munro send you out?
Chris: Yeh.


**Girl named Munro powers someone**
Victim: Well Munro, erm.. uh...
Victim: ang.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008
1. a terrible place
2. a loose term, like "stuff" or "shit"
3. part of an insult, usually used by people called munro to munrown with.
1. every time i pass ml1, i actually feel sick. its so awful.
2. sorry i didnt do my homework, i had other ml1 to do..
3. "you rape cats in ml1", "you live in ml1", "hahaha, ml1", etc.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE January 04, 2009
a game which usually has 11 players.
like dodgeball,
rather than 1 person throwing a rubber ball at the other 10+,
wah-ball involves 10 or more people throwing tennis balls or rubber balls at one person - the "wah".
(A large group of friends standing round, one produces a tube of tennis balls)
Tennis ball guy: Lets play wah-ball.
Geek: No, I'm always the damn wah.
Randomer: Lighten up JM, wah-ball rocks!
Geek: Have you ever been the wah? didnt think so.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE January 04, 2009
a really annoying expression of joy or glee
or excitement or amazement
used randomly
and often
by jiiemms
Me: hey, i'm getting my tongue pierced!!
JiiEmm: hahahaha!!
Me: You are sooo annoying.
JiiEmm: Why?
Me: Because you keep saying Aberfeldy.
JiiEmm: People notice that?
Me: Yer, duhh
*5 people hit the JiiEmm with rocks*
JiiEmm: Ang.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008
pronounced Jii-Emm, but doesnt mean the same thing
dude, mate, etc
a name you call your friend when you greet them or bid them farewell
Guy1: Hey! Whats up JM?
Guy2: Hey JM, nothing new.


Chick1: I gotta go
Chick2: See ya JM!
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE January 04, 2009

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