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A kind hearted girl, that sees the best in everyone, but is sometimes only shown the worst. she holds her friends up high above harms way. She's simply the best person to be around!
Hey Ange, The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground!
by splattttt February 03, 2010
A name for a female. Short for Angela, and a less girly variation of Angie (pronounced like Angie but without the "e" sound at the end).
"What'cha doing, Ange?"
by Asj Johnson January 04, 2009
A person that does well in the age of technology whose only true claim to fame is knowing the lyrics to songs... although she is NOT a good singer.. She is very loyal and has several children. She hates cold weather and calls the tropics her "true" home.. She likes to look at several sides to a story before making a decision and she cannot spell... If you look real close you will may find her sleeping, but most often find her doing laundry...BUT you will always find the music on, if only in her head...she is especially rooting for Corey Smith these days...
by nola04 February 06, 2010
a person who thinks they are right when they are wrong and will only believe things when theyre pointed out to them in black and white. also one who thinks they are winning a competition when they are infact not
ange: huh is not a question
parisa: huh??
ange: i said huh is not a question!!
parisa: ok then, so its not a question ay lol
by p4r154 October 09, 2008
A word often used by females from Thornaby in the north of England. This word refers to the genital areas of a woman but can be used to describe a mans "area" too.

It is often used in times of disappointment, annoyance, or sometimes excitement.
Awww damnit. Fist my ange!
by Banana! July 12, 2007
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