short for just messing, successor to jk (just kidding) and jp (just playing)
Boy A: Man I don't know how to tell you this but I assfucked your mom last nite. jm
Boy B: I'm gonna shank you...
by c11234 November 30, 2005
used on teh internet for "j00r mum"

13370R way of saying ym
omfg jm r 73# u83r 6#3y + j00 oh noes it! OmFgRoFl!
by 8u7r0n r 73# 6#3y mi7 di3 \/( November 22, 2004

An entity or group of individuals that slay pussy at parties and have sex with many women (notorious in New York City)
On New Years, JM got with 18 girls combined.
by Suavvay May 26, 2010
An acronym for the word Jerk Move. See Jerk move.
Ughh...Mark is so dumb, he just pulled a JM on me.
by Kagebunshin March 06, 2009
Junior Mafia
"JM motherfuckers!" from Puff Daddy's famous Outtro to Notorious BIG's "Who Shot Ya?," which, when it was (mis)interpreted by 2Pac and Suge Knight, started the East Coast/West Coast rivalry.
by Callumlikeiseeum October 06, 2010
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