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A really annoying woman or girl. Usually a bit tarty, with the favourite pastime of stealing other peoples boyfriends or crushes. JiiEmms lure people into a false sense of security by being ditzy, annoying, dazed and a bit of a bimbo (though JiiEmms usually have black curly hair).
Chick1: Ang.
Chick2: What is it hunni?
Chick1: You know Jill?
Chick2: Ditzy Jill? With the curly hair?
Chick1: Yeahh, Jerome just dumped me for her!
Chick2: OMG!!
Chick1: I kinda don't blame him, I'm sure she came on to him!
*"jill" appears*
Jill: Hey, are you ang at me?
Chicks1&2: Yeahh 8o|
Jill: ABERFELDY! *skips off*
Chick1: OMG I hate that JiiEmm!
Chick2: JiiEmm and a half! Lets go eat a pine-in-an-apple.
Chick1: Yehh!!!!
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008

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