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A last name heiled from scottland that is a bunch of kick ass people, and that you shouldn't mess with. You don't want to get on the bad side of them. Their like the godfather family, utterly ruthless and share no mercy to people that piss them off. They are awesome people that everyone want's to be like and worships them. They are the kings and queens.
don't pull a munro on me
by LYCRA! August 24, 2010
A traditional scottish family name for a bunch of absolute legends.
Not a bunch to be trifled with.
They do not let people off lightly.
But so faithful to lose who they hold most dear.
I do love the munro clan. They are so friendly
by xx <3 xx December 13, 2007
IS a verb meaning to be kick ass at everything, big and small. This may be physically, spirtitually, mentally, telepathically, grammatically, metaphoricaly, heroically, and of course sexually.
" I heard he can munro like no other"
" that was so bad-ass the way u munroed a second ago"
" The way she munros should be photographed"
" I wanna learn to munro like that"
by Lars... March 07, 2006
to move from one girlfriend to the next in rapid succesion
broke up with my girlfriend, dont worry im gonna munro it
by Richard Proctor June 18, 2007
1.A Flagrant homosexual. Someone who manages to hide their true sexuality from the world at most times. However at times their underlying desires are displayed, albeit inadvertently, for all to see. 2.May also be used to describe the use of the gonads to flavour water and other beverages, by dipping them into the beverage like a tea bag, in order to taste yourself upon consuming the beverage.
3. Used to describe articles of clothing or fashion which are offensive.
1. "Im worried you are displaying some munro traits"
2. "Im just going to munro this drink as it needs a bit of flavour"
3. "Those budgie smuggler's are so munro."
by Tony tanty January 18, 2007
person who wears a big blackcoat, is a penisface, wears a big black coat, and is a penisface
oh look. how much of a black coat toting penisface is munro
by mez January 20, 2005
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