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Naturally tough and strong in times of adversity and hardship.
Reference to Mos Def's song: "Workers' Comp."
"Tell them tough guys we tougher than tough times..."
-Mos Def
by K-ROOT October 03, 2010
A short comic strip, usually in newspapers, that ends with a comedic and/or witty punch-line.
Yo, did you read todays strip? It's a damn smartoon.
by K-ROOT September 15, 2010
To have an overload of donuts (esp krispy kreme) and/or something with high sugar levels.
Make sure when i die, i'm krispy kremated...
by K-ROOT October 18, 2010
Something so pristine and pleasing, it lights up a moment
The 17 year old rap duo from Toronto were the queens of the scene, yo...
by K-ROOT October 09, 2010
A boyfriend/girlfriend; someone's link.
Ayo, is whats-her-name taken? She got a link yet?
by K-ROOT September 15, 2010

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