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a state of ultimate laziness forcing you to waste the day away by doing all.
I'm so loafed today, I only left my couch twice, once to get a snack and twice to shit.
by minminns November 19, 2006
To get wasted. Short for the term "meatloafed."
We're gettin loafed tonight
by vinyes April 30, 2008
the act of getting slapped in the face with someones' loafer.
i said that golf was lame and my grandpa loafed me in the throat.
by DR.E June 04, 2009
The feeling of being in the euphoria of taking any prescription drug like anti-depressants, anxiety medications, muscle relaxers, opiates or acetametophines while lounging around lifeless but straight as vuck chillin hard
"im so loafed right now my dude, those white 2mg sticks are whats god"
by Fence Patrick November 02, 2011
To overly soil or excrete a visibly solid mass in one's pants.
Oh man! Did you see how dude totally loafed in his own pants?
by Clockwork-Deity June 16, 2005
To be the recipient of a dutch oven
My husband had 5 tacos right before he came to bed. I got loafed all night.
by Stevo23456 May 29, 2011
to be punched suddenly for an insult and or any form of disrespect.
Jerome said my mom was a fat,slimy ho, so i loafed him in the chest and gave homeboy an asthma attack.

David got loafed in his bottom lip for talkin shit.
by julius October 06, 2003
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