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Only spinning a single tire when attempting a burnout in a two wheel drive vehicle.

Usually this happens with cheap, economy based vehicles and most front wheel drive vehicles that lack an equal torsion differential.
"Look at the clown in that Cutlass doing the one tire fire."
by Jonathan May 07, 2004
a title of respect for a member of the English gentry ranking just below a knight; placed after the name.

Also sounds super cool and makes you feel important. So put it after your name, and be cool... like me.
My name is Hendel, Jon Hendel ESQ.
by Jonathan January 17, 2005
A blue screen that pops up when using Windows.
I got a Blue Screen of Death, so I upgraded to XP. Now it restarts my PC for me!
by Jonathan July 12, 2004
A hitchhiker is an individual who travels the universe without the use of a ship of their own. Popular hitchhikers are Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect. Contrary to popular belief, Zaphod Beeblebrox is not technically a hitchhiker because he owns a ship which he has stolen (see: heart of gold)

Also, it is a common misconception that a hitchhiker is someone who knows where his towel is. This fact is only true to froody (cool and together) hitchhikers, giving rise to the popular expression "that frood really knows where his towel is". Arthur Dent and Tricia McMillan are two examples of "froody" hitchhikers
The best hitchhikers have all seen the restaraunt at the end of the universe.
by Jonathan May 31, 2005
A grab on the rear of a snowboard. . . not quite the tail, not quite an indy, but all gay
Hey ian I tindied your mom last night
by Jonathan January 07, 2005
base x width x height
Why should i care?
by Jonathan July 24, 2003
A drink. Usually made in the pornography industry. One first inserts speculum in anal cavity while one's back with legs around head. Next 5 men ejaculate into speculum to enter the rectum. Then whole milk is added with hershey syrup. Finally some whip cream and a cherry on top.
To drink on can either remove the speculum and insert a tube into the anal cavity and proceed to suck it out of one's own ass. Or the contents is expelled while being stood up into a glass preferable made for milkshakes. Then quaffed at lesiure.
A. Damn that Asshole-Milkshake was tasty!
B. Dont make me make you give yourself an asshole-milkshake!
C. Mom, more asshole-milkshake please!
by Jonathan December 13, 2004
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