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by Jonathan June 07, 2003
an asian girl's pu-nanny
I got some slant from lucy liu
by jonathan February 24, 2005
When one is inducing orgasm using the art of titty F*cking the final "blow" is produced by extreme pressure causing the seminal fluid to spread across the partners chin causing a "strap" affect.
Other known uses:

1.That guy is such a chinstrap.

2. I just wen skiing on chinstrap mountain.
by Jonathan April 22, 2005
a fart from a womans genitals, used as an insult
'What are you doing, you fanny fart?'
by jonathan November 10, 2003
boyakasha is a word ALI-G says when he meets people!
Boyakasha people! Are you gay or something???
by Jonathan December 10, 2003
the sexiest man alive, fuck johnny depp
i'd go gay for will ferrell
by jonathan April 24, 2005

2. Refering to the coolest bitches you know.

3. The year only the coolest were born.
1. Yeah, Im hangin with my 84's this weekend

2. She definatly wasnt born in 84
by Jonathan April 20, 2005

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