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134 definitions by Jonathan

A girl that looks good from far away, but when up close looks really ugly.
whoa did you see that chick right now, what a scrud.
by Jonathan July 01, 2003
It's a spife. Spoon and knife combined.
CIA Agent: The victim appears to have been spifed several times in the neck.
by Jonathan December 11, 2003
A small parasite that resides in your bed, often used in a "tucking-in" ritual.
And as she told patrick, "Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite", he wasn't able to sleep that night.
by Jonathan May 05, 2005
Go Fuck Yourself And Die
Please GFYAD! It'll make the world a better place.
by Jonathan December 13, 2003
king off all living, and is perfect in any way possible, and is hereby better than any other persons inhabiting the earth.
Wow look its Jonty, lets bow to him
by jonathan May 14, 2003
foufoune shortened into fouf, a slang french word for pussy
je lui lecherais bien la fouf
by jonathan April 25, 2005
Tricia McMillan. Popular female character in the Hitchhiker's guide series. Mother to Arthur Dent's child, Random.
Trillian is on hot and froody chick.
by Jonathan May 31, 2005