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To physically hurt someone. To fuck someone up. Origin: Roy Keane one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time.
Yo i keano'd that dude at the bar when he started dissin' me.
by Jonathan May 27, 2004
Roy Keane, Irish & Manchester united soccer player. Very tough and strong and mean. Aggressive to all.
"thats lads a fucking KEANO....hes we'll 'ard"

"im gona fuck you up KEANO style(rough you up a little)...."
by Edge August 20, 2003
An amazing guy that everyone likes and has a bright future and has a soft spot for short girls with long hair.He is funny ;active & humble.Loves talking and has a way to just people up.
"Wow he so Keano like top of the class amazing"
by super spectacular June 22, 2016
Seattle Radio DJ and host for ‘The Bassment’ on C89.5FM, KNHC Seattle, the largest dance radio station in the US. The name comes from the Hawaiian name Keanu and means cool breeze.
Keano poundin' da Bass!
by WompWompMan April 02, 2011
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