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base x width x height
Why should i care?
by Jonathan July 24, 2003
A very powerful type of pot, supposivly get you fucked up in one hit
HOLY FUCK (COUGH COUGH) is this the mystical One hit shit?!?
by Jonathan December 09, 2003
Being entirely without clothes and completely in the nude.
"I have to go take a shower. Wanna see me ass naked?"
by Jonathan March 06, 2005
To physically hurt someone. To fuck someone up. Origin: Roy Keane one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time.
Yo i keano'd that dude at the bar when he started dissin' me.
by Jonathan May 27, 2004
single digit great-when a person gets a single digit amount of greats on a song of DDR
i got a sdg on max 300 only 8 of them...thats frickin amazing!
by Jonathan April 25, 2004
The Define God
You: Rewie!
Stupid Kid: Who?
You: REWIE!!!!!!
May Rewie Bless You
by Jonathan January 19, 2004
an asian smiley, used in the place of "good job!" or "congratulations!"
person #1:"i got an A on my project!"
person #2: "^_~V"
by jonathan August 30, 2003

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