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134 definitions by Jonathan

A very powerful type of pot, supposivly get you fucked up in one hit
HOLY FUCK (COUGH COUGH) is this the mystical One hit shit?!?
by Jonathan December 09, 2003
base x width x height
Why should i care?
by Jonathan July 24, 2003
Being entirely without clothes and completely in the nude.
"I have to go take a shower. Wanna see me ass naked?"
by Jonathan March 06, 2005
single digit great-when a person gets a single digit amount of greats on a song of DDR
i got a sdg on max 300 only 8 of them...thats frickin amazing!
by Jonathan April 25, 2004
The Define God
You: Rewie!
Stupid Kid: Who?
You: REWIE!!!!!!
May Rewie Bless You
by Jonathan January 19, 2004
To physically hurt someone. To fuck someone up. Origin: Roy Keane one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time.
Yo i keano'd that dude at the bar when he started dissin' me.
by Jonathan May 27, 2004
an asian smiley, used in the place of "good job!" or "congratulations!"
person #1:"i got an A on my project!"
person #2: "^_~V"
by jonathan August 30, 2003