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Literaly it means: "kill the white man". It's made famous by Ali G, which uses it as a greeting, like "hello".
Boyakasha, my name is Ali G.
by Psychonaatje February 26, 2004
A native african word meaning "Death to the white man" Made popular by a British comedian named Ali G.
Ali G:Boyakasha! Big up ya self, Respect!
actaully means death to the white man, or death to the white devil. alternitavely can be used as a simple diss.
jus say it...simple
by dev June 02, 2003
A term used for excitement and happiness
Teacher: You got A* on all your exams
Student: Boyakasha!
by Davalaar May 16, 2011
a word used when bragging or rubbing in face
1.i just did a slam dunk over yao ming "boyakasha"

2."boyakasha" i just laid your u mom.
by alexprieto June 23, 2009
A phrase made popular in recent years by the brilliant comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, star of the HBO special, Da Ali G Show. The show was originally introduced in the UK, then moved to the US, after becoming popular to the point of being hard to fool anyone anymore. The main difference between the UK version and the US version is that in the UK, it had an audience that you could hear laugh, like most tv sitcoms, whereas the US version has no audience reactions. There was also a movie made called Ali G Indahouse before the move to the US. The movie is actually really lame compared to the reality-based series. Cheap humour and... more cheap humour.
If you listen to the song Keep Their Headz Ringin' by Dr.Dre, you will hear a background singer repeating "B-B-B-B-Boyakasha!", which is probably where Ali G got it from.
by Paul October 19, 2005
A word made up by Sacha Baron Cohen, that is derived on the Hebrew word "bevakasha".
"Bevakasha" is the common Hebrew polite answering form to "thank you"

Mr. Cohen has lived some time in Israel and even lived in a Kibbutz for a while.

In the earlier days he was quoted that he always thought bevakasha was a cool word so he thought he'll use it.

Some claims that boyakasha is derived from the Hebrew term "Beitza Kasha" that means "boiled egg"
- Toda Raba (thanks a lot)
- Bevakasha (you're welcome) =>> Boyakasha
by Fistuk November 09, 2006
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