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Arose out of such works as ass hat, ass clown, ass bandit, poo jabber and of course ass tronaut. A poostronaut is an insult for an ass hat or ass clown who will boldy go were no ass hat or ass clown has gone before!
1)"Dude, Dave is an ass clown..."
2)"No dude, Dave is a total poostranaut!!"
by Jimmy-jimmy February 17, 2005
Haxxing usually occurs when 1 person pwns many people in a PvP game, like Chip 'n Dales MMORPG. Someone who gets pwned(n00b) usually says something about hax and how a user is haxxing. The haxx0r will probably get reported to the admin. Its pretty much a word for hacking.
omg i know you use hax! im gonna report you to the admin you stupid faggot! Leave you stupid haxx0r! i know your haxxing!
by Jimmy-Jimmy April 11, 2005
A cool guy
"Trapical is awesome"
by Jimmy-Jimmy November 24, 2003
an expression meant to destroy the confidence of someone who has said something stupid.
Yeah, moron, the sun revolves around the moon. Smyrne!
by Jimmy-Jimmy November 12, 2003
variant of Bertram
Hi ButtRam. How ya Doing?
by Jimmy-Jimmy June 10, 2004
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