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One of the several chicks that model the snorgtees shirts. Some are hot, some are not, and one has tits the size of beach balls.
Look at the tits on that snorgtees chick! I bet she could smother someone with those!
#snorgtees #t-shirts #chick #tits #dumb
by Jim Fear May 27, 2010
A series of programs for AOL made by two hackers named ChiefDreegFleer and Jump0ffabuilding and distributed via their (now defunct) site Methodus2000.com. The program was made primarily to fuck with people in chatrooms, through e-mail, and over AIM.

Methodus Toolz contained e-mail bombing capabilities, auto chat scripts, text color faders, and even a phishing e-mail generator among the plethora of other tools.

It was the ultimate tool for AOL script kiddies until AOL started banning users for deploying it in chatrooms.
JimFear: ..,,;;:::Methodus Toolz 2.0:::;;,,..

ChatGuy1: oh dammit...not another guy with methodus. report him!

ChatGuy2: lol run the Safty Swim chat script jim!!1!11!!
#progz #aol #warez #scripts #america online
by Jim Fear April 23, 2009
There are two definitions of ODB:

1. Ol' Dirty Bastard: the stage name of American rap artist Russell Tyrone Jones. Jones was a prominent member of Wu-Tang Clan and also had a successful solo career. He died in 2004 of an accidental overdose.

2. One Dirty Bitch: the stage name of female professional wrestler Jessica Kresa who currently (April 2009) performs in TNA Wrestling. The ODB gimmick is that of a crude, whiskey drinking redneck.
1. "I don't have no trouble with you fuckin' me/ But I got a little problem with you not fuckin' me" 'Got Your Money' - ODB

2. Mike Tenay: "Oh my god! ODB just crashed right into Gail Kim!"

Don West: "It backfired!"
#ol' dirty bastard #one dirty bitch #rapper #wrestler #pro wrestling
by Jim Fear April 17, 2009
A computer made by Apple

- Looks nice
- Performs well
- Great for work related tasks

- Less customizable than a PC
- Expensive to repair (ex. you can't just pop it open and toss a stock hard drive in there if it dies!)
iMac = good work computer
PC = good home computer
#mac #pc #apple #os x #macintosh
by Jim Fear April 25, 2009
The fictional main subject in the song "Jim Fear" by Dillinger Escape Plan. Jim Fear is a freak flaming hermit, lonely fool and porno freak. He has been known to throw crap cakes on stoves, and will likely do it again.
"Jim Fear has done it again!"
#dillinger escape plan #hobo #freak #mathcore #metal #band
by Jim Fear December 09, 2009
1. A left brace.

2. A curvy ass bracket.

3. A character you never use unless making a smiley.

4. A character that will fuck everything up if you leave it out of a CSS document.

5. Alfred Hitchcock's outline looking left
1. { (what the fuck is there to say?)

2. { { { { (look at it shimmer...)

3. :-{ = worried! ({}) = look it up

4. div.jim background: #fff;} (fucked it up; no '{' in front of 'background'!)

5. "Always make the audience suffer as much as possible." {
#} #bracket #css #alfred hitchcock #brace
by Jim Fear April 24, 2009
The informal name for 'camel cricket.' Cave crickets are large brownish/black crickets that live in dark, damp places (caves, basements, etc.) They are creepy as hell and sometimes jump right at you if you attempt to scare it away.
#cricket #camel cricket #disgusting #gross #creepy
by Jim Fear April 17, 2009
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