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A series of programs for AOL made by two hackers named ChiefDreegFleer and Jump0ffabuilding and distributed via their (now defunct) site The program was made primarily to fuck with people in chatrooms, through e-mail, and over AIM.

Methodus Toolz contained e-mail bombing capabilities, auto chat scripts, text color faders, and even a phishing e-mail generator among the plethora of other tools.

It was the ultimate tool for AOL script kiddies until AOL started banning users for deploying it in chatrooms.
JimFear: ..,,;;:::Methodus Toolz 2.0:::;;,,..

ChatGuy1: oh dammit...not another guy with methodus. report him!

ChatGuy2: lol run the Safty Swim chat script jim!!1!11!!
by Jim Fear April 23, 2009
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