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Something that costs a lot of money.
That Lamborghini looks very expensive.
by Slatte August 31, 2008
A girl or guy (generally good looking or with swagg) with class and self respect, someone of value
Damn that chick is looking expensive, i wanna get at her
by qtpieG September 22, 2010
Something that takes a lot out of you. (Monetarily, physically, or mentally!)
1. Monetarily:
Shit those shoes are expensive!

2. Physically:
That fuckin run this morning was expensive.

3. Mentally:
Damn that fuckin' test was expensive!
by mark_torry69 February 24, 2005
Great; cool; righteous.
First person: What an awesome bicycle!
Second person: Yeah, that's expensive!
by jep clayton February 02, 2008